Étiquette : writing

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Why are you writing Justin?

Why are you writing Justin 🤷‍♂️? Maybe I’m writing because I’m struggling to connect with the outside world. I’m surprised every day that I’m so disciplined about publishing #DailyNotes (today, I’m at the 282nd in a row). I can say that it’s one of the things I’ve done most regularly over the last ten months. […]

On Science, WordPress and Life

Quand je créais la première version de ce site segbedji.com, la description que je lui ai donné, c’était: On Science, WordPress and Life. Ça reflète bien quel type de contenus je voulais principalement produire. Aujourd’hui, le site est plus orienté vers mes activités de freelance. Mais grâce aux #DailyNotes, j’ai pu aborder régulièrement ces sujets […]

It’s time to open new doors

When I started my #DailyNotes a few months ago, I wanted to share anything and everything. I think it’s time to open new doors. In the next few days, I will try to publish fictional stories, created from a single sentence. In fact, I’ve started to dramatize the first one. And it’s going to look […]

Note n° 200: le plaisir d’écrire au quotidien

Note n° 200: le plaisir d’écrire au quotidien Le 17 Octobre 2019, je me lançais un défi complètement fou, presque sur un coup de tête. Celui d’écrire un article sur mon blog chaque jour. L’idée m’est venue après avoir lu un article de Seth Godin datant de 2015 où il recommandait cet exercice. Seth écrit […]

The good points of writing everyday

The good points of writing everyday. I’ve been writing daily for… I don’t know, over 160 days. Really on a lot of topics. From my work, to my passion for WordPress, to the questions I ask myself. One thing I find super interesting in this regularity is that I (almost) always have a resource on […]

Trying to fight the procrastination

Trying to fight the procrastination I’m procrastinating more and more about #DailyNotes. For about a week now, although I have the possibility to write them early, I don’t do it. It’s a general procrastination right now, not just related to the daily notes. Well, maybe I should write a few more, and plan for them; […]

En fin de compte c’est plutôt cool

Je crois que ça va faire un peu plus de 70 jours que j’ai commencé mes #DailyNotes. Alors qu’au début, je faisais des efforts pour publier un article par jour, c’est devenu plus intéressant depuis. Je trouve ça naturel. Agréable. Super. Je m’en rappelle systématiquement. J’adore cet exercice. Je craignais au début d’être très vite […]
Trees with question mark

Who are you writing for, Justin?

I have a friend with whom I regularly (always) share my intentions about what I want to do with this personal site. He was the first to know that I don’t want to put a contact form on the site. I also told him that I’m disabling comments on my blog posts. It was again […]