Ces superbes chansons qu’on écoutait

Ces superbes chansons qu’on écoutait. Quand j’étais beaucoup plus petit, il y avait des chansons qui passaient sur l’ORTB, la chaîne nationale. Je ne les aimait pas forcément. Mais une vingtaine d’années après, quand je les réécoute, je me rends compte que c’était de vraies perles en fait. ET j’ai récemment retrouvé l’une d’elles sur […]

Random phone video 3

After I’ve got my DJI mobile, I started learning how to record cinematic moves with it. Til now, it’s going (almost) pretty well.

Random phone photo + video 1

Ok, now I’m sharing both a photo and a video from my gallery. Some context to start with. In my previous work, one of my former colleagues is a very talented Beninese singing artist. I remember my first days there, I was very surprised to see him; I was even more surprised when I knew […]

Random phone video 2

I’ve received a couple of days ago my DJI Osmo Mobile 3 that I have ordered before. And now, I’m trying to learn how to use it. So, here’s random phone video 2:

Random phone video 1

Since I’m making posts about random pictures taken on my phone, why not make some for videos. So this is the first random phone video on my phone: