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Is privacy on Internet an illusion?

Is privacy on Internet an illusion?

Whatever is said about Internet privacy, data protection, etc… workflows, user experience and integration possibilities end up prevailing in the choice of the tools/services/technologies we use. Two perfect examples are the Google and Apple ecosystems. A unified ecosystem Who doesn’t use a Gmail address? Yet we know that Google is not a saint in terms […]
La vie privée sur Internet est-elle une illusion ?

La vie privée sur Internet est-elle une illusion ?

Quoiqu’on dise sur le respect de la vie privée sur Internet, la protection des données, etc… l’expérience d’utilisation et les workflows, l’expérience utilisateur et les possibilités d’intégrations finissent par primer dans le choix des outils/services/technologies qu’on utilise. Deux exemples parfaits sont les écosystèmes de Google et de Apple. Un écosystème unifié Qui n’utilise pas une […]
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Internet can be very toxic sometimes

Internet can be very toxic sometimes Today sunday, I spent a long time browsing my feed on Twitter. I shouldn’t have done that. There is sometimes so much negativity on this network, and on the internet in general, that I’m afraid for people who might find themselves there when they’re going through a bad time. […]

To stop relying on hardware

Have you ever lost your computer, your phone and become totally disoriented? Because all your work was on it? Well, it actually happened to me. A few years ago. And since then, I’ve decided to stop relying on hardware. I’m a big supporter, fan and user of the internet. And I’m always happy to see […]

Without internet: better without than with a little?

Without internet: better without than with a little? Not so long ago, I was complaining about a momentary interruption of the internet. Well, today, I’m wondering if it’s not better not to have any at all; than to have a very poor quality Internet access. I have found myself reloading pages dozens of times; hoping […]

Without internet

What would our lives be like without the internet? Today, there was about 50 minutes of internet « outage » at one of the country’s major telephone operators. As I said, the outage itself lasted only about 50 minutes. But a colleague of mine got on the phone with the phone company’s customer service, and they announced […]

Who owns our data ?

Who owns our data ? I already wrote a few articles on security and privacy on the internet. Today, I am wondering about the physical or legal persons who hold and have rights over our data. When we subscribe to a new online service, there are usually long pages of privacy policy that we don’t […]

Du consentement sur Internet

Du consentement sur Internet Je suis curieux de savoir à quel point nous (les utilisateurs d’Internet) sommes conscients que nous devons donner notre consentement à certaines choses quand nous naviguons. À mon avis, pas beaucoup. Et c’est doublement dangereux.

Children of the Internet

While writing this note, I did some research on Generation Z. My intention was to find a connection between this generation and the Internet. At least, to make some chronological connections that they (Generation Z) have with the emergence and development of the Internet. Well, I think not in the end. Generation Z was not […]

De la vie privée sur Internet

Quelle est la perception d’un utilisateur ‘lambda’ de la vie privée sur Internet ? Hormis les grands titres relatifs aux fuites de données sur les réseaux sociaux les plus populaires, que sait l’utilisateur d’internet de la protection des données. Que sait-il de ce que les applications ou services qu’il utilise font de ces informations personnelles. […]