Étiquette : personal

Is he right?

Is he right? I want to freelance. I mean, it’s still a dream or an ambition that I’m trying to achieve. I talked to one person today, and he totally advised me against that option now. The person I talked to has also been freelancing in a variety of digital services for a few years […]

Useful applications or services

In my daily life, I notice that there are certain tools, services or applications that could be a huge success if they existed. Some of them will seem crazy to you, for sure, but they are very useful in my opinion. First of all, a kind of Shazam, but with our own voices. Sometimes I’ve […]

Talking to someone

Talking to someone Sometimes it’s so nice to have someone to talk to. A person you can tell everything to. Our fears, our ambitions, our dreams, our fears and so on. We all go through difficult times or trials. And being able to share that can be very healing.

I don’t like to be bothered

Do you also hate it when people bother you? Because I do. When I’m working, when I’m focused on something important, or usually all the time, I don’t like to be bothered. Honestly, I can’t accurately describe how I feel at times like that. I would call it irritation more than anything else. And when […]

Big slap in the face

I finished watching « Love is blind » on Netflix yesterday. I kind of liked the first episodes. Although, big slap in the face on episode 10. I shared my opinions on the spot as follows. Honestly, after watching the whole show, I’m even stronger in my convictions. I really think that all the hype around love, […]

Trapped by faith

Trapped by faith Faith is supposed to be the last refuge for humans. The bulwark under which one takes refuge when all goes wrong, and also when all goes right. But when that wall becomes our burden, what then? What about when it becomes a huge trap?

Consecutive or simultaneous

Consecutive or simultaneous I’m currently entering my 20s. And I have a more or less clear idea of what I wish to accomplish in the next five years. Another aspect of this plan is that for me it is broken down into consecutive accomplishments. More clearly, I find it logical and objective to set goals […]

Feeling old

Feeling old I just turned 22. Yeah, I know, two decades and two more years. Honestly, I may have had the scare of my life in my 20s. I felt horribly old, and I clearly felt the pressure of my ambitions. In the last two years, I’ve been able to move forward with my goal. […]

It’s not you

It’s not you. I have already mentioned a principle of the Toltec agreements, which is to avoid assumptions. Today, the one I am interested in is as follows: Never make it personal. It is important to know that there are others and there is who we really are. There’s what others think of us and […]


There is no logical reason why Rumpelstiltskin should be the title of this article. It’s just a fantasy that came to me tonight. I was watching a video on YouTube when I thought I heard « Rumple. » I immediately remembered the character from a show that I really liked. So I did a Google search for […]