Napping is so great

I had forgotten how cool it was to take a nap at lunch break. Actually, napping is so great!!!!

I started again, and that makes me very happy.

Found another nice app

Found another nice app.

Until a few months ago, I stayed up late at night (around 2, 3 a.m.). Sometimes to watch stuff on Netflix, to work, or just like that.

Then, I recently decided to take more sleep for myself, to sleep earlier. But apparently, my body was refusing to play this new game ????. Although I was now sleeping much earlier, I always woke up systematically (and unintentionally) around 2 or 3 am.

It was really annoying actually. Then a few weeks ago, someone told me about an application that had helped him a lot in similar situations. It’s called Insight Timer. So I downloaded it, but it was only this week that I actually started using it.

I must admit that the result was pleasantly interesting. I had some calmer nights. My unwanted waking up times went down. And all of a sudden, it’s all very cool ????.

The burning head

The burning head.

Those days when you finish work, and your head’s all on fire. Your head’s on fire.

Then you know it’s time to take a break and get some rest.

Photo by Min An from Pexels.

How do you do ?

Yesterday, after I talked about the #100DaysOfCode I’m about to start, a friend asked me: how do you do it ?

How do I get a job, contribute to WordPress, make side-projects (not finished ????), etc… The only answer I could give him is that he doesn’t want to do the same as me.

I think I sleep less and less, and spend more and more time on my computer. It’s clearly not good for my health. Let’s just say that, over time, I’ve built up a world in which I spend most of my time.

Lately, I’ve been able to see the consequences of this. I’ve understood the importance of having a life off the internet, of talking to real people, of having interactions.

As I usually say, the important thing is to find the right balance between work and private life.

Two in a row

I told one person tonight that I sometimes didn’t sleep at all for two days in a row, but they didn’t believe me.

I mean, that’s really something I did at one time, but that’s in the distant past now. Now I’m limited to one day at the most.

It used to happen to me when I was still in college. Sometimes it was really for no particular reason. At the beginning of the night, I would come across an interesting site or article. And from link to link, I’d find myself scouring the internet all night long. Then at 6 o’clock in the morning, I would take a shower and go to school.

I remember that I also did it once when I was going to the baccalaureate. Then, I think it must have been for Physics and Chemistry. I clearly hadn’t studied. Like, at all. As a result, the few nights before the composition of this subject, I spent them widening my eyes on my course book ????.

But it’s still fascinating how our bodies can adapt to any situation!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

Someone needs a (very) long break

Someone needs a (very) long break

I think I’ve reached a point where I need to take a long break. Away from everything. From work, from the Internet, from everything.

I’m feeling the need for it more and more. My body needs it. My head, which hasn’t stopped warming up in the last few weeks, needs it.

Wearing the mask

Wearing the mask

Well, I’ve been working from home for almost three weeks. I haven’t had much need to physically get to work yet. But I do now.

The Covid-19 situation in Benin has changed. The government has therefore decreed the mandatory wearing of masks for all persons moving within the established sanitary cordons.

Well, I didn’t have any masks left. I live « almost » alone, and I don’t go out. I didn’t feel the express need for them.

So I took out a mask made by local artisans that had been given to me by my cousin, a doctor. It was rather (very) uncomfortable. It was squeezing my face and scratching me too.

Note that this mask made my ears stand up like a goblin ?.

When I arrived at work, I took a mask that was available (we bought a number of them from the very first cases of the epidemic in Benin). It’s a pharmaceutical mask. This one was great though. It didn’t itch, and I didn’t feel like I had a muzzle on my neck.

Maybe I’m the one with goblin ears after all.

But then, after I got home, I realized I was wearing it upside down, and spilled ?.

Fearing the virus 2

The coronavirus situation has changed in Benin since my article last week.

There have been new cases that have been confirmed. And there could potentially be more, since testing isn’t done systematically. There’s a lot of information out there, too, and it’s getting harder and harder to detect the real info from the infox.

On our end, at work, we have established a working continuity plan. And the team is gradually moving to remote working.

I can’t wait for this situation to improve.

On the importance of getting a good night’s sleep

I’ve been sleeping strictly at least eight hours a day for a little over a week. That’s so good.

Before when I slept well, and for that long, I felt guilty. I thought that as a young person, I had to spend sleepless nights in order to work more.

But, can you work and be productive if you are not healthy? Absolutely not.

Then let’s sleep well. Let’s work as well.