Developers and nocode tools

I often see on the Internet an outpouring of contempt against people who use nocode tools. Saying that if someone use nocode tools, then, they’re not a « real developer ».

Sometimes it’s just ignorance, sometimes I find there’s no reason to justify such acts.

Experience (almost) always wins over talent (?)

How much easier could an extremely talented software engineer solve engineering problems compared to someone else with a very huge experience? This is a question I ask myself quite regularly.

My small experience in the field has pointed out to me that the most experienced people generally have a global perspective on problems. They think less about tools and more about the system in general. They are more abstract in their analysis.

The less experienced but talented rely on the strength of tools or technologies. Sometimes it works. Often. But sometimes it creates more issues.

I believe that the ability to think beyond a concrete (visible) system is acquired over time, through repeated mistakes.

I have learned to enjoy working with more experienced people. It is really an interesting exercise to follow them in their reflection processes.