Random phone photo + video 1

Ok, now I’m sharing both a photo and a video from my gallery. Some context to start with. In my previous work, one of my former colleagues is a very talented Beninese singing artist. I remember my first days there, I was very surprised to see him; I was even more surprised when I knew […]

Random phone photo 4

In the series of random phone photos, I found this interesting one. I took it during the last call we had with the team of WooCommerce Community support volunteers. It was a really nice experience, with really amazing people. And I’m really happy that I’ve been able to take part of that.

Random phone photo 3

I’m a big fan of sneakers. I have my own little collection that I cherish at home. I sometimes have pictures of my new acquisitions on my phone.

Random phone photo 2

It’s becoming interesting to browse through my photo gallery, and see the interesting things that come out of it. Today I came across this one. It brought back good memories of my previous work. Thanks to you Kiké.