Beautiful sunset

We took this picture with some friends when we came back from a weekend in Ouidah. A beautiful sunset.

It’s actually really cool to remember those memories.

Une perspective de jour

J’ai eu mes « perspectives de nuit ». Aujourd’hui, j’ai pris une photo qui rentrent dans la catégorie « une perspective de jour« .

With AI and without AI

I regularly take pictures of the plants and trees in my home.

Today I tried to take two identical ones. The only difference being that the first one is taken with the Artificial Intelligence function of my camera activated and the other one is not.

Random phone photos 11

In Parakou, when I go out, I often stay with an old friend of mine, Ikil.

He’s a music director, so I spend most of my time outside in his studio watching him work.

Random phone photos 10

Aujourd’hui je suis allé dîner avec des amis, et j’ai vu ce beau message sur l’un des murs du restaurant.

Là où on s'aime .... Il ne fait jamais nuit.

Je ne suis pas forcément d’accord avec le message, mais c’était si joli ….

Random phone photos 9

Today I went to the botanical garden of the University of Abomey-Calavi. It’s a very nice garden within the campus.

And of course, I took some pictures.