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The struggles of going live

The struggles of going live Disclaimer: this note has nothing to do with the one I made a few days ago titled « Going live« . Here, I rather want to talk about the challenges I encountered while testing setups to do live coding sessions. I admire people who manage to code live. I think it’s something […]

Practice makes perfect

Practice makes perfect. And I believe this is especially true for software engineering roles. I’ve been following since last week a series of lives coding sessions by Florian Truchot; on advanced WordPress integration with Gutenberg. And as he’ s progressing, I realize that where he is today is the result of several years of assiduous […]

Hyperactive working week

We’re getting ready to go into a week of work that I think will be just the way I like it. An hyperactive working week. At the agency we are preparing to launch a number of projects and actions. Most of them are related to the COVID-19 epidemic in Benin. The objective is to react […]

Is he right?

Is he right? I want to freelance. I mean, it’s still a dream or an ambition that I’m trying to achieve. I talked to one person today, and he totally advised me against that option now. The person I talked to has also been freelancing in a variety of digital services for a few years […]

On building a network for an introverted person

On building a network for an introverted person A little context to start with. I’m currently developing and maintaining WordPress products and platforms at the Sèmè City Development Agency. I think I’m the youngest person at the Agency. As a result, I think it encourages more people to give me advice that I often find […]

Small habits of working remotely

Small habits of working remotely As I said before, the ADSC teams are gradually moving to remote working. It’s more or less easy for me, because it’s a way of working that I’m already used to. I have a few little habits that allow me to keep a good state of mind during the day […]

Leaving is hard

Leaving is hard Yes I know, I’m starting out a bit dramatic 😄, but I don’t want to talk about a dramatic story at all. Let’s just say it’ just a little sad (well, in a good way). So, at the Agency, we’re in the process of a reorganization; if I can call it that. […]

It’s kind of very strange

It’s kind of very strange I’m writing this note on March 12, 2020, but I’m going to backdate it to March 10. There is something very strange that happened yesterday; and I just noticed it. Last night (March 11th), I had a problem logging in to the admin of my site. The problem seemed to […]

The bed doesn’t work

I am currently trying to solve my problem of lack of self-discipline. And the obvious observation I’ve made so far is that the bed doesn’t work. It’s not working at all. I was wondering why I’m not productive when I’m at home. Well, the answer is quite simple. Or rather one of the answers. I […]

In love with everything beta

In love with everything beta I especially love the betas versions of the software, applications and services I use. In general, when one of these tools offers a beta or test version, I sign up without hesitation. Betas are pretty cool actually. You get access very early on to experimental features that most of the […]