Google does it so well

The facial recognition feature of Google Photos is truly a masterpiece. I discovered it by chance some time ago, and since then it has never ceased to amaze me.

To be able to identify a single face in a photo and let Google Photos algorithms identify the same one in all the old and new photos is so cool.

Plus, you can create an album, and the new photos that match the identified face will be automatically added to it.

So cool!

Tools and services that really work

Tools and services that really works.

Have you ever, after discovering a tool/service, realized that it solves a problem you have had; for a long time? But a problem you didn’t know about!

Small habits of working remotely

Small habits of working remotely

As I said before, the ADSC teams are gradually moving to remote working. It’s more or less easy for me, because it’s a way of working that I’m already used to.

I have a few little habits that allow me to keep a good state of mind during the day and remain productive.

The most important is to behave as if I were going to work somewhere other than home.

The bed doesn’t work

I am currently trying to solve my problem of lack of self-discipline. And the obvious observation I’ve made so far is that the bed doesn’t work. It’s not working at all.

I was wondering why I’m not productive when I’m at home. Well, the answer is quite simple. Or rather one of the answers. I usually work from my bed ?. In fact, my computer is always on or near my bed.

So, no matter what time I want to work, I just have to turn around a few inches to have it handy. The problem with this method is that laziness is never far away. You start by working, then you find yourself lying back, daydreaming (I’m exaggerating a bit here ?).

Today, on the other hand, I sat at my desk, and I’ve made good progress in my personal tasks. So I should change my method.

And that’s how I understood that the bed doesn’t work.

Featured image by Alexander Possingham on Unsplash

Trying to fight the procrastination

Trying to fight the procrastination

I’m procrastinating more and more about #DailyNotes. For about a week now, although I have the possibility to write them early, I don’t do it.

It’s a general procrastination right now, not just related to the daily notes. Well, maybe I should write a few more, and plan for them; just until I solve my problem.

Dark mode everywhere

Dark mode in applications or web interfaces is a great thing. Honestly, I would be very happy if I could have dark mode everywhere.

Currently, when I start using a new application or service, I always check if there is a dark mode included. Usually it’s a feature that comes first in betas versions, so it’s a double benefit for me.

Photo by Lubo Minar on Unsplash

In love with everything beta

In love with everything beta

I especially love the betas versions of the software, applications and services I use.

In general, when one of these tools offers a beta or test version, I sign up without hesitation. Betas are pretty cool actually. You get access very early on to experimental features that most of the time are very interesting.

Betas and me, it’s a beautiful love story.

Focusing on what I can control

Focusing on what I can control

Today I read an article by Amin Lamoubariki on the precautions to be taken in relation to coronavirus 2019.

But, my post has nothing to do with the disease itself (although I am quite concerned about it). Rather, it has to do with something that Amin kept repeating in his article: you have to focus on the things you can control.

That sounds trivial when said like that. But not always. We tend to get frustrated with things that happen to us, but that we can’t control. Instead, we need to learn to put things into perspective and keep a Zen attitude ?.

Organizing my tasks

Organizing my tasks

It’s often a long way to find the best way to organize one’s tasks. Personally, I used several methods or services before I started to find out.

Once you’ve built up habits, and are disciplined enough to stick to them, everything becomes easier.

I love with what I do

In love with what I do

Today, like most days at work, it was a day that went by very quickly. This is possible because I usually work on exciting projects that challenge me. Basically, I’m in love with what I do.

I think that’s a very important factor in our productivity and our fulfillment as human beings.