Étiquette : productivity

Small habits of working remotely

Small habits of working remotely As I said before, the ADSC teams are gradually moving to remote working. It’s more or less easy for me, because it’s a way of working that I’m already used to. I have a few little habits that allow me to keep a good state of mind during the day […]

The bed doesn’t work

I am currently trying to solve my problem of lack of self-discipline. And the obvious observation I’ve made so far is that the bed doesn’t work. It’s not working at all. I was wondering why I’m not productive when I’m at home. Well, the answer is quite simple. Or rather one of the answers. I […]

Trying to fight the procrastination

Trying to fight the procrastination I’m procrastinating more and more about #DailyNotes. For about a week now, although I have the possibility to write them early, I don’t do it. It’s a general procrastination right now, not just related to the daily notes. Well, maybe I should write a few more, and plan for them; […]

Dark mode everywhere

Dark mode in applications or web interfaces is a great thing. Honestly, I would be very happy if I could have dark mode everywhere. Currently, when I start using a new application or service, I always check if there is a dark mode included. Usually it’s a feature that comes first in betas versions, so […]

In love with everything beta

In love with everything beta I especially love the betas versions of the software, applications and services I use. In general, when one of these tools offers a beta or test version, I sign up without hesitation. Betas are pretty cool actually. You get access very early on to experimental features that most of the […]

Focusing on what I can control

Focusing on what I can control Today I read an article by Amin Lamoubariki on the precautions to be taken in relation to coronavirus 2019. But, my post has nothing to do with the disease itself (although I am quite concerned about it). Rather, it has to do with something that Amin kept repeating in […]

Organizing my tasks

Organizing my tasks It’s often a long way to find the best way to organize one’s tasks. Personally, I used several methods or services before I started to find out. Once you’ve built up habits, and are disciplined enough to stick to them, everything becomes easier.

I love with what I do

In love with what I do Today, like most days at work, it was a day that went by very quickly. This is possible because I usually work on exciting projects that challenge me. Basically, I’m in love with what I do. I think that’s a very important factor in our productivity and our fulfillment […]

It sounds better in English

I start some of my #DailyNotes posts in French. Then, before publishing, I say to myself: It sounds better in English ?. So, I translate and publish it in English. It’s weird, I know. I don’t know the exact reason yet. I guess, among other things, I feel it’s more « secure » for me to write […]