Who are you writing for, Justin?

I have a friend with whom I regularly (always) share my intentions about what I want to do with this personal site. He was the first to know that I don’t want to put a contact form on the site. I also told him that I’m disabling comments on my blog posts. It was again to him I told that I don’t want to have tools to track statistics or readers on the site. So, he asked me once:

Who are you writing for, Justin?

The instant answer I gave him was: for myself.

By starting this daily writing challenge, I wanted to prove to myself that I could be disciplined in a long-term and consistent way. I see the Daily Notes as my online (not intimate) diary. I share here my thoughts day after day.

Do I expect anything from a given audience? Not necessarily. I’m my first audience, and I want to appreciate what I write and be happy with it. I want to wake up day after day knowing that there is something significant I’ll achieve.

And above all, I want to be able years later to look back and feel happy and proud of what I’m doing here.

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