The good points of writing everyday

The good points of writing everyday.

I’ve been writing daily for… I don’t know, over 160 days. Really on a lot of topics. From my work, to my passion for WordPress, to the questions I ask myself.

One thing I find super interesting in this regularity is that I (almost) always have a resource on hand to share. When I’m talking to someone, there’s a chance that I’ve already written about the topic we’re talking about. This chance would obviously be much lower if I didn’t keep a regular « journal ».

So I’m really glad I made this decision a few months ago.e

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Hi ??. Je suis Justin. Je suis un développeur et contributeur actif au cœur de WordPress basé à Cotonou au Bénin. Depuis 2019, je participe activement au développement du CMS.

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