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Why does our history stop at the 17th century?

Why does our history stop at the 17th century? Yesterday, I went out to eat with some people I know. And we had a very passionate discussion about our country. We were trying to understand why Benin’s history is so difficult to trace back to before the 17th century. Indeed, it is a bit difficult […]
Best Practices for Maintainers

Réflexions sur l’Open Source en Afrique

Cet article aborde la question de l’Open Source et de la contribution en Afrique. Ici, l’accent est mis sur la contribution en tant que développeur ou responsable de la maintenance. Il y a plusieurs autres manières de contribuer à l’Open Source, le côté “technique” étant celui qui sera le plus abordé ici. Il y a […]

Open Science in Africa – Challenges, Opportunities and Perspectives

Justin Ahinon and Jo Havemann, both founders of AfricArXiv, talk in this article about the development of Open Science Services in Africa, initiatives, the current situation and chances in the future. This article was originally published at elephantinthelab.org (doi:10.5281/zenodo.1492745) Open Science is becoming increasingly popular globally and provides unprecedented opportunities for scientists in Africa, South East […]