Rare picture of me smiling naturally

Last Saturday, I spent a pleasant day out of town. And interestingly enough, someone managed to capture a picture of me smiling naturally 😅. So, ladies and gentlement, here is a rare picture of Justin smiling naturally.

Nice picture of nature

Nice picture of nature. Today I was working on some sweater requests on the Gutenberg repo.And I had to test one of the components I had to document with an image block. A little research on Unsplash gave me this great picture that I really loved. Photo by v2osk on Unsplash.
Happy people

What makes you happy?

Lately, I’ve started to explore the things that make me happy, that make me smile. Maybe now I realize how much I’ve been avoiding all that. I have ideas, but I wonder why I don’t put them into action right now. So, Justin, what makes you happy? And when are you going to start doing […]

Pourquoi fuir le bonheur ?

Pourquoi fuir le bonheur ? Parfois, des choses bien arrivent dans nos vies. Mais il arrivent qu’on soit si pessimistes (🤷‍♂️), qu’on les rejette inconsciemment. Avec entre autres pour raison qu’on veut s’épargner la souffrance quand ça se passerait mal. Mais, comment savoir que ça se passera mal ou pas sans avoir essayé ? Pourquoi […]
Don't assume anymore, ask

How do you do ?

Yesterday, after I talked about the #100DaysOfCode I’m about to start, a friend asked me: how do you do it ? How do I get a job, contribute to WordPress, make side-projects (not finished 😃), etc… The only answer I could give him is that he doesn’t want to do the same as me. I […]
Abstact art artistic blur

Finding the light 💡

Sometimes we remain within a wall of ignorance that we elevate ourselves. In these situations, finding the light is essential. This wall I was talking about earlier may be due to misconceptions, fears, our environment, etc… The more we move away or take a step back from these things, the closer we get to the […]
Let's do it again

Late for going home

It’s easy to overdo it when you love what you do or the work you do. So it’s important to know that it’s also possible to be late for going home. When you’re passionate about your work, it’s easy to find yourself spending long hours working on something exciting. And not seeing time go by. […]
Numeric seven wall decor

I came across a perfect seven

I like the number seven. Whenever I meet it, I’m super happy about it. This morning, when I woke up, I came across a perfect seven. I’m not superstitious (well, not the way we usually think when we refer to the word). I have a few quirks, which I like to respect. And one of […]
Sans pressions

It’s Monday, it’s a beautiful day.

It’s really huge how much the weather can affect my mood and my interactions with those around me. Today is Monday, the weather is nice and I’m happy. So it’s going to be a very good week. #KeepingTheSmile Featured image by MI PHAM on Unsplash