Dark mode everywhere

Dark mode in applications or web interfaces is a great thing. Honestly, I would be very happy if I could have dark mode everywhere.

Currently, when I start using a new application or service, I always check if there is a dark mode included. Usually it’s a feature that comes first in betas versions, so it’s a double benefit for me.

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Hi ??. Je suis Justin. Je suis un développeur et contributeur actif au cœur de WordPress basé à Cotonou au Bénin. Depuis 2019, je participe activement au développement du CMS.

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  1. Just noticed that WordPress comment system is kinda weird, so I’m testing it out.

    1. Ok, now want to check how people get notified of new responses!

      1. Ok, this is very weird. Whenever someone reply to a comment, I think the normal behaviour would be to be notified by email. So why it doesn’t work like that? ?‍♂️

    2. More weird. Why this comment is going to trash while the person commenting (me ?) has already comment before. ??.

      I’ll dig into the comments component and maybe discuss with other Core contributors about this.

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