The bed doesn’t work

I am currently trying to solve my problem of lack of self-discipline. And the obvious observation I’ve made so far is that the bed doesn’t work. It’s not working at all.

I was wondering why I’m not productive when I’m at home. Well, the answer is quite simple. Or rather one of the answers. I usually work from my bed ?. In fact, my computer is always on or near my bed.

So, no matter what time I want to work, I just have to turn around a few inches to have it handy. The problem with this method is that laziness is never far away. You start by working, then you find yourself lying back, daydreaming (I’m exaggerating a bit here ?).

Today, on the other hand, I sat at my desk, and I’ve made good progress in my personal tasks. So I should change my method.

And that’s how I understood that the bed doesn’t work.

Featured image by Alexander Possingham on Unsplash

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