Random phone photo

Random phone photo.

While browsing the old photos on my phone, I came across this one which I found quite curious.

I’m almost sure I wanted to focus on the flower, but finally did it on something else.

Random phone photo

These people with whom working is fun

These people with whom working is fun.

Whether it’s professionally or personally, I’m naturally attracted by people who are expressive. People who knows how to make their mates feel comfortable, people who know how to put others at ease.

My best work experiences have been with people who have succeeded to create a funny and productive working environment for me.

Recently, someone I respect and admire greatly in the WordPress community joined our team of WordPress core contributors at Yoast. That’s just to say how thrilled I am.

This person has been one of those who have made my contribution experience over the past few months more than interesting.

I can’t wait for this to be official so I can shout my joy from the rooftops ????.

Tell them, now

If you care about a person, be it a friend, relative, loved one, please be sure to tell them and show it to them. Don’t wait to do it later.

Life is great, but life is short and unpredictable. And we don’t know what will happen tomorrow.

And if you need to, need someone to talk to, do it. Don’t expect the worst. Don’t take it upon yourself and hope that your feelings will magically disappear.

And to all my friends, all my relatives with whom distance has been created, know that it is not because we do not see each other that we no longer think of each other.

Know that if things are going badly and you need to shout it out, there is an ear that will always be ready to listen to you. Do not hesitate to knock on this door.

I wish you all well, you, your loved ones, and all the people who matter to you and to whom you matter.

What are my wishes?

This afternoon, while going back at home, from a trip with some friends, we saw the first moon. And there is apparently a rumour that said that ones can make a wish when this happens.

But I was unable to find a wish to do. I was like: what the hell is my wish? ????

Is it normal to do not wish something at a particular time ?

Am I the only one to do that?

Am I the only one who love to go to random people’s in my timeline websites and read their about pages and blog posts?

I have to admit that I really enjoy doing this, especially when I’m on Twitter. You discover real gems, and really interesting people.

Hehe, I got news!

Since I decide to share photos regularly in my #DailyNotes. Today I started drawing what my first apartment will look like.

Nothing famous (I like to think I’m a minimalist).

I really loved doing it, and I will continue to do so over the next few weeks.

Maybe I’ll post my progress regularly, and also the progress of the move itself; who knows ????.

A superb evening

A superb evening.

I just finished a long (and very beautiful) evening. And I’m very happy about it.

And I’m also very happy for the people who contributed to this evening.

On the schedule something hyper flippant

On the schedule something hyper flippant.

I’m planning to do something really scary this weekend. Something I am really apprehensive about.

The results will either be very good or not good. But either way, I need to do it.