Taking care of our health should be a full-time job

When we are young, we often hear that our greatest and most precious resource is our time. I think time is as important, if not more important, than health.

Indeed, it is enough to go through a period of illness once to realize how important it is.

I think that many young people (here I talk about myself first, and the other young people around me whom I get to know on a daily basis) neglect or take health for granted. It’s a big illusion.

We should be taking care of our health every day. Whether through diet, sleep or sport, no aspect should be neglected.

Taking care of our health must really be a full-time job.

Where are the feelings ?‍♂️

There are days when I wonder if I’m a normal human and not an alien robot from the confines of space.

At certain times, feelings, attachment, emotions, compassion become concepts totally strange to me. At these times, I feel ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. There’s like a void in me.

In contrast, these moments are usually followed by a very strong wave of inexplicable nostalgia accompanied by intense sadness.

It’s all really weird. Very weird.

Featured image by Jez Timms on Unsplash