These people with whom working is fun

These people with whom working is fun.

Whether it’s professionally or personally, I’m naturally attracted by people who are expressive. People who knows how to make their mates feel comfortable, people who know how to put others at ease.

My best work experiences have been with people who have succeeded to create a funny and productive working environment for me.

Recently, someone I respect and admire greatly in the WordPress community joined our team of WordPress core contributors at Yoast. That’s just to say how thrilled I am.

This person has been one of those who have made my contribution experience over the past few months more than interesting.

I can’t wait for this to be official so I can shout my joy from the rooftops ????.

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Hi ??. Je suis Justin. Je suis un développeur et contributeur actif au cœur de WordPress basé à Cotonou au Bénin. Depuis 2019, je participe activement au développement du CMS.

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