I’m working on an interesting WordPress project

I’m working on an interesting WordPress project

In the last few months, I’ve been working much less on creating WordPress sites or platforms for clients. The main reason being that I have much less time to spend on freelance projects.

A few days ago, I started working with a person in Benin on their website project. I had contacted them myself a long time ago to make this proposal. Because I really wanted to work with this person due of their experience, and the impact they have in the community.

We didn’t pursue it for various reasons, but now was the right time.

In a few days the site will be public, but I’m already very proud of it.

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Hi ??. Je suis Justin. Je suis un développeur et contributeur actif au cœur de WordPress basé à Cotonou au Bénin. Depuis 2019, je participe activement au développement du CMS.

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