This team is great

Today, I just want to mention the wonderful team of contributors I work with at Yoast.

Because they’re all great people, extremely great people, and it’s a real pleasure to work with them.

First of all, there’s Andrea Fercia (Italy). He studied political science. If you’ve ever contributed to WordPress, then you know that Andrea is THE accessibility EXPERT of the CMS. He’s one of the people I’ve always admired, even before I joined Yoast (I must say that the fact that he works there also motivated me a lot to join). I think Andrea is a rather reserved person. Nice, always ready to help (always very busy too) but reserved.

Then there is Ari Stathopoulos (Greece). We joined Yoast the same day, and he’s a great guy. He’s been using and contributing to WordPress for about ten years (sometimes he himself can’t remember exactly how much). He’s our expert on the WordPress theme review team. I often write him in private message when I have a stupid question or something I want to learn. I guess it’s because we joined together that I feel comfortable bothering him all the time.

Then come Francesca Marano (Italy). What about Francesca! If you read my #dailynotes, you probably know that I’m a big fan of Francesca, and that I was super happy when we were able to recruit her at Yoast. So, Francesca does a lot of stuff. At Yoast, she’s the lead of our small team of WordPress contributors. In addition to being a very communicative person, she has the gift of knowing how to create a comfortable work environment. I especially love when she says, « I have great plans for this team » or « Please please, don’t work on weekends » in meetings.

Finally, there is Sergey Biryukov (Russia). With Andrea, Sergey was one of the people from Yoast that I observed, admired (always) from afar. Sergey is ….…. is Sergey. He is a very experienced contributor to WordPress. He’s also a bit reserved in my opinion. But he does a phenomenal job of contributing to the CMS. The WordPress community is really lucky to have him.

At Yoast, it’s not just the team of WordPress contributors. It’s also about a hundred people who are passionate, great, awesome, and most importantly, caring. You can see them all here. Can’t wait for this pandemic to end so we can see each other for real.

This post is giving me an idea. Maybe I’ll write regularly about contributors I know from the WordPress community.

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