Found another nice app

Found another nice app.

Until a few months ago, I stayed up late at night (around 2, 3 a.m.). Sometimes to watch stuff on Netflix, to work, or just like that.

Then, I recently decided to take more sleep for myself, to sleep earlier. But apparently, my body was refusing to play this new game ????. Although I was now sleeping much earlier, I always woke up systematically (and unintentionally) around 2 or 3 am.

It was really annoying actually. Then a few weeks ago, someone told me about an application that had helped him a lot in similar situations. It’s called Insight Timer. So I downloaded it, but it was only this week that I actually started using it.

I must admit that the result was pleasantly interesting. I had some calmer nights. My unwanted waking up times went down. And all of a sudden, it’s all very cool ????.

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