Two in a row

I told one person tonight that I sometimes didn’t sleep at all for two days in a row, but they didn’t believe me.

I mean, that’s really something I did at one time, but that’s in the distant past now. Now I’m limited to one day at the most.

It used to happen to me when I was still in college. Sometimes it was really for no particular reason. At the beginning of the night, I would come across an interesting site or article. And from link to link, I’d find myself scouring the internet all night long. Then at 6 o’clock in the morning, I would take a shower and go to school.

I remember that I also did it once when I was going to the baccalaureate. Then, I think it must have been for Physics and Chemistry. I clearly hadn’t studied. Like, at all. As a result, the few nights before the composition of this subject, I spent them widening my eyes on my course book ????.

But it’s still fascinating how our bodies can adapt to any situation!

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