Wearing the mask

Wearing the mask

Well, I’ve been working from home for almost three weeks. I haven’t had much need to physically get to work yet. But I do now.

The Covid-19 situation in Benin has changed. The government has therefore decreed the mandatory wearing of masks for all persons moving within the established sanitary cordons.

Well, I didn’t have any masks left. I live « almost » alone, and I don’t go out. I didn’t feel the express need for them.

So I took out a mask made by local artisans that had been given to me by my cousin, a doctor. It was rather (very) uncomfortable. It was squeezing my face and scratching me too.

Note that this mask made my ears stand up like a goblin ?.

When I arrived at work, I took a mask that was available (we bought a number of them from the very first cases of the epidemic in Benin). It’s a pharmaceutical mask. This one was great though. It didn’t itch, and I didn’t feel like I had a muzzle on my neck.

Maybe I’m the one with goblin ears after all.

But then, after I got home, I realized I was wearing it upside down, and spilled ?.

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