Passion has to go somewhere

I wrote this note in French yesterday. I really enjoyed reading it again, so I’m putting it in English for today’s #DailyNotes.

Basically, it’s a text that I found in my notes that are three years old. I had just experienced my first love disappointment ????.

While writing this note in English, and some Google searches afterwards, I just saw that some of the sentences in this note come from the romantic comedy « 5 to 7 ». I’m going to watch it again.

The few lines you want to write when you’re happy become a long novel as soon as misfortune strikes you.

Passion has to go somewhere, and it can only go there. Your suffering has to serve a purpose.

A thousand years ago, someone invented the concept of the impermanence of beauty and the inevitability of change. I bet he’d just been dumped.

It took me a long time to analyze the value of memory; and just because something doesn’t last forever, doesn’t mean its value in itself diminishes. Maybe it was just a rationalization, sweeter to the soul than would have been the grieving, the not living of life. Honestly, I don’t know.

But I choose to believe in memory. I chose to believe in it. I chose to believe that the bond had never been broken, and that we each existed in each other’s hearts as a secret singularity.

She had made me a dreamer. She had melted my fears. There would be other loves, even, great loves. But she was right: only one of them was perfect.

I remember you everyday.

Justin Ahinon

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