The place to which I belong

I believe there is one place on this earth where every person can express all their ability, demonstrate all their talent. It could be a workplace, sometimes an abandoned house, sometimes a full dry desert, a city, really anywhere.

I believe that as a human being, as long as we haven’t found this place, we could certainly shine but not at our very best.

I also believe that sometimes you don’t always know at first sight that you’re in the place you belong to.

I am writing this because in recent months I have experienced many doubts and questions about some of the choices I have made. Important choices, life choices. Of course I do not regret them, I cherish them, I nurture them and I fully assume them.

Tomorrow is a new day, and I hope that I can find the place to which I belong, or if I am already there, finally realize it.

Featured image: Oljato-Monument Valley, United States – Picture by Ganapathy Kumar on Unsplash.