Taking advantage of your code editor

Taking advantage of your code editor.

Two weeks ago I started documenting the packages of the WordPress block editor, Gutenberg. It’s one of the things I’ve been doing on a daily basis so since I started.

In practice, here is an example of a pull request of a documentation I publish.

In the beginning, I had trouble identifying correctly either the definitions of the functions I had to document, their properties, etc…

Then this morning, while working, I (by chance) flew over one of these functions in my editor (I use VS Code); and what do I see?

The editor showed me the definition of the function in question, its properties, their types, a description if there is one, etc…

I confess that I almost wanted to bang my head against a wall for not seeing this earlier. Because after all, it’s super convenient. And it clearly allows me to move forward more efficiently.

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