Relationships quality matters

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If there’s one thing we can’t buy, it’s the relationships we build with our peers, but more importantly, the quality of those relationships.

It’s very easy to get to know each other, but it’s not so easy to build lasting, quality relationships.

Have you ever wondered once why you get along so well with a particular person? Or why, even after you’ve lost touch with someone for a long time, when you meet up again, you feel like you left the day before? Or why do your moments of anger towards a particular person never last long?

Don’t look far for the answer. How you feel about people depend very much on the moments you have shared with them. And that’s something priceless that nothing in the world can replace.

So a word of advice: cherish yourself, cherish your loved ones. Enjoy every moment you spend with them. And as much as possible, try to make those moments real.

That way, when everything seems to be falling apart around you, you will remember these memories, and they will help you through the turmoil.

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