Bumping the version (or the role)

Bumping the version (or the role).

I love English. I love to speak English, write in English, or listen to people speak or write in English.

One thing I especially like is words and expressions that can be used easily in many contexts. A simple example of interesting word: bumping.

I discovered the word (bumping) during WordPress release parties. Basically, at some point, you have to change the version of WordPress in a file (from memory in /wp-includes/version.php).

In my opinion (I’ve never looked up), this word means specifically bumping. Because, of course, from one release to another, you raise the version of WordPress.

But, we can also bump a user role (I think). A few days ago, I needed an update of my role on Make WordPress Core.

In my head, I kept thinking: Can someone bump my role on Make Core ????? And it was funny to me. Anyway, I ended up using raise, to ask someone to do it for me because I wasn’t sure.

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