Whoever you are, I want to say thank you

Whoever you are, I want to say thank you.

Yesterday, I was having my little « music night, » and I decided to listen to Lil Dicky. I knew him not long ago with the song « Earth. »

This time, the song that caught my attention was « Molly » featuring Brendon Urie. The video, the message he conveyed in the song made a strong impression on me.

But more than that, I came across a comment that really touched me. I didn’t expect to be so touched by a comment on a Youtube video ????. So whoever is behind the Coupon Bear Youtube channel, I want to say thank you ????????.

Pasting the comment here.

This song is a warning for men who grew up without guidance. Please realize, when your breathing your last breath you will never think « Man, I should have worked more », « Man, I really hustled and got to where I am ALONE ». The fame game is a trap meant to pull you away from whats really important – Family and Friends.

I was very fortunate that I found this out early in life and still am with the woman I love. Please know, your « value » doesn’t come from success. Your « legacy is not the hits or the money you make. Its the lasting relationships, the lives you could potentially change by being the best version of you.

I know I needed this advice when no one would say it. I hope someone out there reads this and realize its never too late. Get some help. Talk to some one. Learn better coping skills. Add value to your life. Stop the terrible search to fill that « void », for what you know, ultimately, will not fulfill you.

Stay strong. Be strong. Be better.

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