Useful applications or services

In my daily life, I notice that there are certain tools, services or applications that could be a huge success if they existed. Some of them will seem crazy to you, for sure, but they are very useful in my opinion.

First of all, a kind of Shazam, but with our own voices. Sometimes I’ve got a song that comes over and over again in my head, without remembering the title. If I could just hum it in an app, and it’s identified, that would be super awesome.

To be able to call out the objects of our everyday life. Have you ever lost your keys and searched for them for a long time? Imagine if you could make that key ring remotely. Same for a pen, a charger, etc… I suppose that’s something that will become a reality as the IoT evolves.

Here’s two things that I think could be very useful in everyday life.

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