Unlocking new achievements

Being confined to my own home has made me back to some pretty cool habits. I see it as unlocking new achievements.

First of all, I’m cooking more. Yeah, I know it’s weird. When I was still going to work regularly, I had less opportunity to cook at home.

Now I can have fun and cook cool (and sometimes unusual and bizarre) dishes. And also, at the beginning of this whole story, a friend and I did some big grocery shopping. So, in terms of groceries, I’m all set.

Finally, I take naps during my lunch breaks. Still strange I know. I don’t usually sleep during my breaks. When I was younger and I lived with my parents, my father always asked me if I was feeling well when he saw me sleeping at noon.

This is also a bit of a consequence of the fact that I cook more. I don’t waste time eating somewhere else anymore. So taking naps came naturally to me!

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