Today I remember

Dreams catcher

Usually I wake up and forget the dreams I have at night. But today I remember them.

I was visiting a kind of military camp (why? I don’t remember 😀). But I remember that I had a total right to be there, and I had to occupy a privileged position there.

There was me, one person who had accompanied me, and some soldiers who were apparently on a break. We had a view of important buildings (I would say those of a government). A soldier was keeping watch from there in sniper mode.

The room we were in started with stairs, and ended with a kind of platform, where we were. And it was a really steep slope.

I don’t remember what we did there, but I remember having all the trouble in the world going down. In fact, I had my sneakers off (I had a React Element 55) when I got there. And they slipped down the stairs with the slope, and I couldn’t catch them anymore.

It was really weird, and I really don’t know how to describe it in words.

Featured image by Pixabay on Pexels

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