The struggles of going live

The struggles of going live

Disclaimer: this note has nothing to do with the one I made a few days ago titled « Going live« . Here, I rather want to talk about the challenges I encountered while testing setups to do live coding sessions.

I admire people who manage to code live. I think it’s something that requires both technical skills and a lot of self-control.

Because anything can happen during a live session. The connection can fuck up, the camera can fuck up, the mic can fuck up … ??. In short, anything can go wrong.

I started this week to do some tests of a live broadcast from my computer. Hardware side, perfect. Connection, average. The big snag is the setup of Streamlabs, the software I plan to use to stream my video feed.

It’s the first time I’m programming a live coding session, so I’m going to say that I’m having a bit of a hard time. But I’m gradually getting used to it. And I think everything will be fine when the time comes.

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