The skills I would like to acquire in the next few years

The skills I would like to acquire in the next few years. Sometimes I write down here the answers I give in some questionnaires.
This one is from today.

I have been using WordPress in a very professional and daily manner for almost four years now. So this is one of the areas in which I plan to acquire/enhance my skills and experience in the coming years.

Having used WordPress as I did, and having contributed to advancing this CMS, leading releases, etc., I am now very interested in ways in which WordPress can be extended, and used in very specific contexts.

With the revolution that was the arrival of Gutenberg, the scope of WordPress has greatly expanded. So I plan to expand my expertise in combining WordPress with other technologies; such as React or GraphQL, or using WordPress in a serverless context.

One of the ways I have found to achieve these goals is to work on projects that require the use of WordPress in the unusual context; and not only as a website or blog creation tool.

I challenge myself to make it more of a highly adaptable tool.

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