The future of WordPress

The future of WordPress

I’m writing here a Twitter thread that I’ve made at the end of last year.

I strongly believe that the future of WordPress as a tool to power the web lies in specialization. A high and very precise specialization.

The trend for WordPress themes now, for instance, is multipurpose. We think that’s what users/customers are looking for, but IMO, it is not true. It is what they « think » they are looking for. Rather, there should be a movement for more and more specific themes, oriented towards very specific needs, accompanied by a dedicated support service.

The same is true for platforms based on WordPress. In my opinion, this is where the future of the CMS is.

An event management platform powered by WordPress, or a ticket reservation platform, a call for applications management platform, etc….

And when I say platform, I don’t mean a theme associated with plugins, but really a platform designed for specific needs.

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