The cost of being introverted

The cost of being introverted.

Being introverted in a world where things move very fast can be very helpful sometimes. But sometimes it can also be damaging.

Withholding information can lead to misunderstandings, and the resulting situations are not always advantageous. So it’s a daily exercise in finding the right balance.

The balance between the personality we have and our interactions with other people.

Being introverted has a cost, whether you like it or not.

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4 réponses à “The cost of being introverted”

  1. Curious to know what’s the cost of being extroverted.

    My take on this is to find balance and fight as much as possible to avoid extremism.


    1. Being extroverted normally should have only upsides ????????????‍♂️.

      Agreed on finding the right balance. Just wondering… what do you mean « extremist » ???? ?


  2. Picture this. We have three dots: A, B, and C. The dots are connected and B is the middle. See it as a linear road.

    A & C are extremists. And B is the Balance we’re talking about.

    Extremism is not always the best option. Better compromise and be somewhere in between. Like, you’re not a full glass of water and neither are you empty. The middle gives you more and better options. You’re either half-empty, half-full, or definitely a glass of water. ????


    1. Ok. Got the extremist stuff ????????.


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