So is today a holiday or not?

So is today a holiday or not?

Something really funny happened to me today. I found out yesterday that today might be a holiday. But I didn’t get any confirmation.

So I get ready, and I get to my home office on time to start working.

It’s only around noon that I get a message from the agency’s marketing director. She wanted to ask me something work-related. And in her message, she apologizes for bothering me on a holiday. I was like …

So is today a holiday or not?

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  1. Haha. Rings the bell. Maybe as a remote worker, you should take the lead on making holidays holidays. Picture this – Phone and internet shut down, glass of wine, pizza, and a cool movie.


    1. Oh, actually I do this once a year (

      This year has been so weird that I didn’t even had time to plan that.


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