Moving to Siteground

It’s been a while since I wanted to move my sites and those of my clients to a managed WordPress hosting provider (performance addict). Now it’s done. I’m moving to Siteground.

For a few months, I have evaluated the offers of the various well-known managed WordPress hosting providers. Among others Kinsta, Bluehost, WP Engine, GoDaddy, Siteground.

Honestly, I was just a few steps away from moving to Kinsta. The price/performance ratio is excellent, with an impeccable support.

But the human factor also played a decisive role in my choice. Basically, I met Francesca Marano, who is WordPresss Community Manager at Siteground.

We e-met during the 5.3 release of WordPresss, which she directed, and for which I coordinated the documentation. I really liked her working methods. Also, I was impressed by her involvement in the WordPress community, and in her work.

I trusted her, and therefore Siteground. So there you go. Now my sites are at Siteground.

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