I’m a jackass in a world of creatives

I’m a jackass in a world of creatives.

I discovered the word « jackass » a little over a year ago in a chat with a buddy. Since then, we’ve been throwing it around as a friendly insult on a regular basis ????.

Yesterday, we were talking about my new website segbedji.codes and mainly about its extremely minimalist design. While I think it’s perfect, he thinks it’s far too minimalist.

So it came to this

I'm a jackass in a world of creatives

So right now, I know I don’t really have great design skills. I sometimes work long hours before achieving a satisfactory result in my digital creations.

I’m trying to remedy this lately, by interacting more with designers, creative people. I also recently read « Refactoring UI » from … Adam Wathan and Steve Schoger, and I have to admit that it really opened my eyes on many aspects.

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