I never thought of myself as an entrepreneur

I never thought of myself as an entrepreneur. At least not the way we’re thinking about it here. So, with all the hype around the word right now, I wonder, am I wrong?

To my friends who ask me, I tell them that I see myself more as an independent professional. It’s true, I provide services for individuals and companies. Although these are still digital services, I don’t think the term « innovative » is the most appropriate one.

And in my opinion, entrepreneurship implies in one way or another a strong innovation.

So does that mean I’m not ambitious? That I don’t have dreams? I don’t think so. Just that my dreams and ambitions may not be as thunderous as those of others.

I want to create things. To use my skills and knowledge to create things that are useful to the many. But like I said, I wouldn’t call it entrepreneurship. Again, not as it is defined and seen here.

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