Chasing the techno

Chasing the techno

In the same vein as my note from yesterday, I came across (as usual) an interesting tweet today.

This is a Tweet from Irina Shestak, in which she says she has been practicing JavaScript for a number of years; but she is getting more and more tired of having to follow the evolution of all the technos that appear around this language.

As I was saying yesterday, in software engineering, things move fast, very, very fast. And when you’re not focused, you find yourself wanting to try everything.

I’ve done that too. It was fun at first. Then it got harder.

And JavaScript is a very palpable example of that. Not a year goes by without new frameworks coming out. And clearly, the temptation to switch from one techno to another is very strong. It really is. Even more so when you see very influential people on the internet praising the merits of these new technologies.

It’s a loop that can quickly become toxic if you don’t handle it properly.

So as they say…

Tools are tools. Let’s not be tools.

And finally, this very relevant tweet from David Heinemeier Hansson

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