Demain c’est Samedi, j’y crois pas!

Alors que je prépare à terminer cette journée, je me rends compte que demain c’est Samedi. J’y crois juste pas ????.

Cette semaine a été si passionnante, productive et intéressante que je n’ai pas vu le temps passer.

En plus de cela, j’ai été d’excellente humeur (alors, vraiment d’excellente humeur) toute la journée sans raison apparente. On peut dire que c’est donc un belle semaine qui prend fin.

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Precipitation leads to abysses

Lately, I’ve been wanting to start a side-project. At the very beginning, the « Justin of before » wanted to take the upper hand; and launch himself headlong into development. But from my previous experiences, I understood that precipitation (almost always) leads to abysses.

As a result, I’m more in a mode of taking a step back. Carefully analyzing the implications, the requirements, and whether or not I’m ready to start this side-project.

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La ligne rouge

La ligne rouge

Durant tout le mois de Mai où j’ai travaillé de chez moi, j’ai pu expérimenter le challenge de séparation entre vie professionnelle et vie personnelle.

Il y a clairement une « ligne rouge » qui existe; et qu’il faut faire attention à ne pas franchir trop souvent. Parce que dire qu’on ne la franchira jamais, c’est un peu utopique non ?

L’exploit est de réussir à s’arrêter au bon moment. Afin de pouvoir se consacrer à autre chose que le travail.

Titre inspiré (sans raison apparente) de La ligne verte, de Stephen King.

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So we see the world differently

So we see the world differently

I think it’s possible that as a software engineer, you may see the world differently.

I mean, it’s possible. Personally, when I observe certain situations, I tell myself things I didn’t tell myself before I started programming.

So I guess it’s the same for others too.

I think about the logic behind things. Software, systems, etc… I think about the conditions that have been met for this or that action to be performed.

And I think it’s all really great.

(I know I’ve been talking a lot about SE these last days).

Sometimes you don’t need more tools

Sometimes you don’t need more tools. You just need to be less reliant on complexity.

Most of the time, we’re busy dealing with a lot of tools to get the job done. But sometimes that’s not what we need. We just need to look the other way and use simple things.

This is even more relevant in the field of software engineering where every day new tools are created. Always more interesting, always more powerful and with more and more functionalities.

I’m pretty sure I’ve written these words somewhere before. Apparently it’s not on this blog. I searched with the site’s search field (which is very powerful) without success.

How do you act towards other people’ s achievements?

How do you act towards other people’ s achievements?

Sometimes, as a software engineer, I have the feeling that I don’t do enough in my core area of expertise.

I know many people who are in the same field as me, and who « create ». But I feel like I’m not creating anything. I contribute, yes, but sometimes it feels like it’s not enough.

Again, maybe I’m the one who wants to go too fast, too early. But that I may come to know one day. Or I won’t.

Feeling again the pleasure of learning something new

Feeling again the pleasure of learning something new

When I discovered WordPress a few years ago, I was really excited to learn some new stuff. I liked it, and I was happy.

I‘ve learned a lot of great stuff since then. Really interesting things. But as the years went by, I had lost the pleasure I felt when I discovered something new.

I was learning, but I wasn’t happy about it. I stagnated, and tried to run away from the reasons for it.

Today, a little by chance, I found myself on the GatsbyJS website. So I read the first documentations, and… I found it really fantastic.

Even though I hadn’t planned this initially, I found myself reading more and more about it.

I felt this outpouring of joy again when I learned that I had four years ago.

Now, it’s great to say again

I’m learning GatsbyJS, and I’m happy to do it.

Moving data around

Moving data around

Sometimes I get pearls of tweets on Twitter. I talked about it once before here.

Yesterday I saw another similar tweet from Kelsey Hightower asking to say in three words what software engineering is all about.

Well, my simple answer

I don’t remember where I heard that, but I found it very relevant.

Went live (finally)

Went live (finally)

Well, I finally did my first live coding session. It was super interesting.

Honestly, I was a little bit stressed and I was hoping it would go well. Finally, I think I finished without messing up (well, not too much).

The session was an introduction to CSS Grid. There were about 15 participants. Pretty cool.

Introduction to CSS Grid
CSS Grid Masonry

The most important thing, in my opinion, is to have a clear plan (at least in the main lines of what you intend to present). Even when you know the subject very well. A code may not work well; in that case, you need to be relaxed enough to find out where the error (if any) comes from and fix it.

All in all, a pretty cool experiment.

Depending on my availability at work next week I’m willing to do one or two more live coding sessions on WordPress theme development.