Me, Sègbédji

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Before, I hated being called Sègbédji. In fact, I think I hated Sègbédji, that strange nickname, with Fon resonances, that I had been given by strength. I thought Sègbédji sounded wrong next to Justin, my middle name. Justin, I liked that one better. Justin, as just. I wanted to be a good person ⚖️.

At the beginning of 2017, I began to really question myself about the meaning of this name that was given to me. This research made me realize that for a long time (unconsciously?) I avoided speaking my mother tongue, Fon-gbé, and even identifying with it.

I also learned during this period that many languages are disappearing in the world because they are not spoken enough, or not valued enough.

So I decided to start by using this name, Sègbédji as the name of my accounts on social networks. I also decided to give it to people who asked my name, which I was always reluctant to do.

So here I am, me, Sègbédji ☺️.

Featured image by Irawo.