The art of playing anyone

The art of playing anyone or how to piss guys off Apparently there’s a lot about women’s codes I don’t understand yet. I learned some of them today, and I am totally grateful to the person who introduced me to them. Still, I continue to find some of them strange, or inexplicable.

Rushing: the real

Rushing: the real So I was really happy a while ago about a working week like I like them. Well, today was a « more than how I like them » day. It’s been a real marathon, actually. When I woke up, I already had a number of messages waiting for me. And on top of that, […]

The curious, the shy and the passionate

The curious, the shy and the passionate Well, I wanted to give the title of the article a style like: « The beautiful, the beast and the naughty ». But I think that’s a bust. So this title is supposed to sum up three facets of personality. Curiosity, shyness and passion. Beyond these words taken simply, their […]

I wish it would keep going after me

I wish it would keep going after me Jon Tennant’s premature passing really made an impression on me. I’ve talked about it once or twice here. Today I’m wondering what will happen if I’m no longer here. Of course that’s not what I want. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned from all this, it’s […]

Ces petits plaisirs qui nous donnent le sourire

Je connais au moins deux personnes qui lisent mon blog, régulièrement, quotidiennement. L’une d’entre elles vient de me dire « I read your blog more than you J ». A good friend of mine J’ai souri ?. Je leur suis particulièrement reconnaissant pour ça. Quand en Octobre 2019 j’ai décidé de commencer cette aventure d’écriture quotidienne, c’était […]

When the long-awaited moment comes

When the long-awaited moment comes Do you ever panic when something, an opportunity you’ve worked so hard for, finally comes along? Maybe for fear of screwing it up, or not being up to the task?

Going live (again) tomorrow

Going live (again) tomorrow So my first live coding experience was pretty cool. I even got to upload it to YouTube. So I decided to do it again. Tomorrow, I start the first of a series about WordPress theme development. Of course I’m super excited about it. But I’m a bit apprehensive too. I’m going […]

Master of None

Master of None Je me demandais bien où j’ai vu ou entendu cette phrase. Et bien c’est sûrement en scrollant mon feed Netflix. Et elle m’est bien resté dans la tête parce que je ne faisais que me répétér cette phrase dans la tête.

The good points of writing everyday

The good points of writing everyday. I’ve been writing daily for… I don’t know, over 160 days. Really on a lot of topics. From my work, to my passion for WordPress, to the questions I ask myself. One thing I find super interesting in this regularity is that I (almost) always have a resource on […]

Moving data around

Moving data around Sometimes I get pearls of tweets on Twitter. I talked about it once before here. Yesterday I saw another similar tweet from Kelsey Hightower asking to say in three words what software engineering is all about. Well, my simple answer I don’t remember where I heard that, but I found it very […]