I never thought of myself as an entrepreneur

I never thought of myself as an entrepreneur. At least not the way we’re thinking about it here. So, with all the hype around the word right now, I wonder, am I wrong? To my friends who ask me, I tell them that I see myself more as an independent professional. It’s true, I provide […]
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So is today a holiday or not?

So is today a holiday or not? Something really funny happened to me today. I found out yesterday that today might be a holiday. But I didn’t get any confirmation. So I get ready, and I get to my home office on time to start working. It’s only around noon that I get a message […]

It’s time to open new doors

When I started my #DailyNotes a few months ago, I wanted to share anything and everything. I think it’s time to open new doors. In the next few days, I will try to publish fictional stories, created from a single sentence. In fact, I’ve started to dramatize the first one. And it’s going to look […]
Right theme for your WooCommerce store

Quel thème pour votre boutique en ligne WooCommerce?

Trouver le bon thème est l’une des étapes importantes de la création d’une boutique en ligne avec WooCommerce. Beaucoup de personnes qui commencent la création d’un site e-commerce se demandent quel thème choisir, quelles fonctionnalités rechercher, s’il faut prendre un thème gratuit ou payant, etc… Dans cet article, je vais vous guider dans le choix […]
Post it scrabble to do

What if it’s not planned?

What if it’s not planned? When I woke up this morning, I was thinking about a situation. At what point do we have to do things we didn’t plan for? Should we stick to the simple rule. If it’s not planned, don’t do it. Or depending on the urgency, the implications of this thing, do […]

What if I don’t know?

I think as a young person, we’re all concerned (or at least we think quite a bit) about what we’re going to do in 10, 15 or 20 years. Of course, sometimes we have a more or less clear idea. But what if we don’t have a clear idea of what we’re going to do […]
Dreams catcher

Today I remember

Usually I wake up and forget the dreams I have at night. But today I remember them. I was visiting a kind of military camp (why? I don’t remember 😀). But I remember that I had a total right to be there, and I had to occupy a privileged position there. There was me, one […]
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L’aventure ambiguë de Jay Killah

L’aventure ambiguë de Jay Killah Je crois que j’en ai déjà parlé une fois ici. En terme de culture musicale, je suis vraiment à la ramasse. Cette semaine j’ai découvert (enfin écouté pour la première fois plutôt) un artiste rappeur béninois que j’aurais normalement dû connaître depuis. Vue la qualité de sa dernière production. Je […]
What if an alien came to Earth

What if an alien came to Earth

Totally crazy idea that came to me today. What if an alien came to Earth, would it be free to move? I mean, what right do states have to appraehend it; because it’s not from this planet? If he has no intention of harming humans, it should be able to go wherever he wants, right? […]