I just wanna say thank you

Aujourd’hui, une personne très chère à mon cœur fête son anniversaire. J’ai réfléchi pendant longtemps à la meilleure manière de lui dire joyeux anniversaire. Et j’ai du mal à trouver les mots pour lui exprimer toute la gratitude que j’éprouve envers elle. Et tout le bonheur que je lui souhaite. Il y a vraiment très […]

J’ai su que j’en avais besoin

Toujours à la mini-foire où j’ai acheté le livre de Chris Anderson, je suis tombé sur ce bouquin: “Valorisez vos atouts” de Pierre Lebel. Et j’ai immédiatement su que j’en avais besoin.

What I’m reading now?

A few weeks ago, I went to a “mini book fair” in Cotonou. I bought a lot of books there. Currently, I am reading the French version of “Makers: The New Industrial Revolution” by Chris Anderson. I really like the theme, the topics covered in the book, and how they are covered. And I think […]

Sleepy but fine

There are days when I sleep very well at night, but I’m still sleepy in the morning. On those days I am sleepy, but I am fine. And that’s a little bit the case today 😀.

I got my stuff from WooCommerce

A few months ago, I had participated to the WooCommerce community support program. It was a great experience, and I meet some great people. As a result, they now regularly send me goodies. And the last ones just arrived.

Writing more consistently

Writing more consistently. The past week I’ve been really lazy for the #DailyNotes. I was writing them late, others the next day I backdated them. Basically, I got really lazy after the one year of #DailyNotes. I need to get more serious again.