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Do our names influence who we are?

Do our names influence who we are? Well, as I was coming home today, I asked myself… If my parents had given me the name « Blaise » (a totally random name), would it have changed who I am today? What I do? What I like? My personality, ambitions, passions? With a quick Google search, I realize […]
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Is it supposed to be exhausting?

I have recently been working on implementing an effective marketing strategy around my activities and my website. But sometimes I wonder: is it supposed to be exhausting? Because at certain moments, I realize that some things really take a lot of time. Between configuring the tools, testing them, and putting them in place, I sometimes […]
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Je viens de terminer et je suis super content

Il est actuellement 23H45 ce Dimanche 10 Mai 2020. Depuis 20H environs, je travaillais sur la page pricing de mes services de maintenance WordPress. Je viens de terminer, et je suis super content. C’était important pour moi d’avoir une page pricing pour mes services. J’ai donc décidé de commencer par celle des services de maintenance. […]
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The pleasure of achieving

The pleasure of achieving I was saying yesterday that the week went by rather quickly. Partly it was because I was able to « finish » things. Usually when you spend many days on the same tasks without finishing them, you can get demotivated. Not knowing that you’re moving forward can really set up a feeling of […]
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Demain c’est Samedi, j’y crois pas!

Alors que je prépare à terminer cette journée, je me rends compte que demain c’est Samedi. J’y crois juste pas 😃. Cette semaine a été si passionnante, productive et intéressante que je n’ai pas vu le temps passer. En plus de cela, j’ai été d’excellente humeur (alors, vraiment d’excellente humeur) toute la journée sans raison […]
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Precipitation leads to abysses

Lately, I’ve been wanting to start a side-project. At the very beginning, the « Justin of before » wanted to take the upper hand; and launch himself headlong into development. But from my previous experiences, I understood that precipitation (almost always) leads to abysses. As a result, I’m more in a mode of taking a step back. […]

La ligne rouge

La ligne rouge Durant tout le mois de Mai où j’ai travaillé de chez moi, j’ai pu expérimenter le challenge de séparation entre vie professionnelle et vie personnelle. Il y a clairement une « ligne rouge » qui existe; et qu’il faut faire attention à ne pas franchir trop souvent. Parce que dire qu’on ne la franchira […]
The compulsive crusher

The compulsive crusher

Well, I finally found the expression that most characterizes me in terms of sentimental relationships. I’m the compulsive crusher. I’m the kind of person who falls in love with other people very quickly. Then that feeling fades away quickly. Sometimes it comes back to me with force in my face. But it usually disappears relatively […]

Note n° 200: le plaisir d’écrire au quotidien

Note n° 200: le plaisir d’écrire au quotidien Le 17 Octobre 2019, je me lançais un défi complètement fou, presque sur un coup de tête. Celui d’écrire un article sur mon blog chaque jour. L’idée m’est venue après avoir lu un article de Seth Godin datant de 2015 où il recommandait cet exercice. Seth écrit […]
Feeling lost

Feeling lost

Feeling lost Last Friday was a holiday. So I had an extended weekend, as they say. I didn’t have any big tasks to work on for the weekend. So I found myself asking a thousand and one questions. Going three days without having anything substantial to work on made me question my purpose. My purpose […]