Are roses always pink?

Are roses 🌹 always pink?

That’s a weird question, right? Are roses 🌹 always pink? Let’s ask it differently. Are people always well-intentioned toward us? I have never been able to accept that one person can, without any valid or even a very grave reason, have malicious intentions toward another one. A colleague told me today that I am very […]
WPMA Changelog

Ship it. Now!

Side projects are one of the most exciting things I’ve done since I started working full time. I started a lot of them! And I really mean it, a lot. I’m done with very, very few of them though ?‍♂️. When you are working in the web field, it is always thrilling to discover new […]
Trees with question mark

Who are you writing for, Justin?

I have a friend with whom I regularly (always) share my intentions about what I want to do with this personal site. He was the first to know that I don’t want to put a contact form on the site. I also told him that I’m disabling comments on my blog posts. It was again […]
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Being open to new things

Two qualities that I think super useful for a software engineer are their ability to be agile and proactive in the environment they evolve in. I have been working for a few months now in one of the largest public administrations in my country. And I understood that what is expected from an « IT Guy » […]
Stuttgart Library, Stuttgart, Germany

Si je devais choisir 3 sites

Je me rappelle qu’il y a deux ans environs, un ami m’a dit ceci: « Imagine qu’on t’annonce que tous les sites sur Internet ? vont bientôt disparaître. Et que tu as la possibilité d’en choisir 3 qui vont rester éternellement. Lesquels choisirais tu ? » Je ne me rappelle plus exactement de tous les sites que […]
Best Practices for Maintainers

Réflexions sur l’Open Source en Afrique

Cet article aborde la question de l’Open Source et de la contribution en Afrique. Ici, l’accent est mis sur la contribution en tant que développeur ou responsable de la maintenance. Il y a plusieurs autres manières de contribuer à l’Open Source, le côté « technique » étant celui qui sera le plus abordé ici. Il y a […]

The blank page

Featured image by Lukas Blazek on Unsplash I promised myself two days ago to write an article a day on this blog. I’ve already done two since then. It is 7:10 p.m. this Saturday, October 19, and I still don’t know what to write. That is why this article is titled « The blank page » ?. When I challenged […]

On doing things on time

Featured image by Aron Visuals on Unsplash Next week, my friend Jo and I are going to Abidjan ✈️ to attend the eLearning Africa conference. We are going to give a knowledge exchange talk about how open science is paving the future of scientific research and scholarly publishing in Africa. This talk is kind of strategic for us […]

Comment se faire des amis

Comment se faire des amis – Ou l’histoire d’un introverti qui en a marre de la solitude. Pour les personnes qui me connaissent bien, je suis ce qu’on pourrait qualifier d’introverti extrême. Plus jeune, tout mon temps où je n’étais pas à l’école, je le passais dans ma chambre. Il y a quelques jours, j’ai […]