Life sucks

Life sucks Last night I was glad, calm, maybe happy. Then I learned that a person I knew, and whom I considered a friend, an inspiration as well as a role model, passed away. He was just in his early thirties. Honestly, I’m still having a hard time understanding, processing and accepting what happened. I […]

Wearing the mask

Wearing the mask Well, I’ve been working from home for almost three weeks. I haven’t had much need to physically get to work yet. But I do now. The Covid-19 situation in Benin has changed. The government has therefore decreed the mandatory wearing of masks for all persons moving within the established sanitary cordons. Well, […]

The struggles of going live

The struggles of going live Disclaimer: this note has nothing to do with the one I made a few days ago titled « Going live« . Here, I rather want to talk about the challenges I encountered while testing setups to do live coding sessions. I admire people who manage to code live. I think it’s something […]

To stop relying on hardware

Have you ever lost your computer, your phone and become totally disoriented? Because all your work was on it? Well, it actually happened to me. A few years ago. And since then, I’ve decided to stop relying on hardware. I’m a big supporter, fan and user of the internet. And I’m always happy to see […]

Practice makes perfect

Practice makes perfect. And I believe this is especially true for software engineering roles. I’ve been following since last week a series of lives coding sessions by Florian Truchot; on advanced WordPress integration with Gutenberg. And as he’ s progressing, I realize that where he is today is the result of several years of assiduous […]

Hyperactive working week

We’re getting ready to go into a week of work that I think will be just the way I like it. An hyperactive working week. At the agency we are preparing to launch a number of projects and actions. Most of them are related to the COVID-19 epidemic in Benin. The objective is to react […]

Blaming myself for nothing?

Blaming myself for nothing? Sometimes I blame myself for not having a huge musical culture (I think). I was born a bit before the 2000s. And I started listening to music regularly maybe in 2010. So my references are more or less recent, well, if you consider 2010 as recent. The thing is, when I […]

Is he right?

Is he right? I want to freelance. I mean, it’s still a dream or an ambition that I’m trying to achieve. I talked to one person today, and he totally advised me against that option now. The person I talked to has also been freelancing in a variety of digital services for a few years […]

On building a network for an introverted person

On building a network for an introverted person A little context to start with. I’m currently developing and maintaining WordPress products and platforms at the Sèmè City Development Agency. I think I’m the youngest person at the Agency. As a result, I think it encourages more people to give me advice that I often find […]

Renewing with contribution to Core

Renewing with contribution to Core Since the WordPress 5.3 release, during which I was in charge of the technical documentation, I’ve moved a bit away from contributing to WordPress Core. For several reasons, some of them personal. I couldn’t keep up with the contribution, my job, and my personal projects. Honestly, it was weird for […]