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Looks like I’m an unlikely person

Looks like I’m an unlikely person. Yesterday I started working on segbedji.codes. When one of my buddies saw it he said I’m an unlikely person. Yes, but in what sense? Does that mean I’m unpredictable? Maybe. But not for sure. That I do things on a whim? Totally! So unlikely person or not? Photo by […]

would you call me a « generous » person?

For those who know me, would you call me a « generous » person? I have recently received testimonials from several people who highlight my generosity. But personally, if I were to state my possible qualities, generosity would probably not be on my list. So, tell me… I’m intrigued 🤔. Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash
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Two in a row

I told one person tonight that I sometimes didn’t sleep at all for two days in a row, but they didn’t believe me. I mean, that’s really something I did at one time, but that’s in the distant past now. Now I’m limited to one day at the most. It used to happen to me […]
Une chose à la fois (Marches d'escalier)

Une chose à la fois

Les deux dernières semaines, j’ai expérimenté une très mauvaise connexion internet. Même si j’étais de très mauvais poil, au moins, il y a une chose que cette situation m’a obligée à faire: Une chose à la fois. Je suis plutôt du genre « multitâche« . Je crois que j’ai l’activité, et je crains vraiment l’inactivité. Du coup, […]

I like stories with happy endings.

I like stories with happy endings. I have a big penchant for stories with happy endings. Whether it’s in a movie, a book I’m reading or in real life, it’s super refreshing when everything goes well. Rather surprising from someone who thinks he has no feelings, isn’t it?
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I just wanna go home

I’ve been living full-time in Cotonou for a year and a half. I like this city, and I am grateful for the extraordinary encounters I have been able to have there. But right now, I just wanna go home. I’ve stayed in several places at different times in my life (well, that’s a bit old-fashioned […]

Should we go after control?

Should we go after control? I’m someone who likes to be in control. Over everything. I like it when things happen the way I plan. It makes me feel less guilty when things don’t go my way. Then I can tell myself that at least I haven’t been passive.

I never thought of myself as an entrepreneur

I never thought of myself as an entrepreneur. At least not the way we’re thinking about it here. So, with all the hype around the word right now, I wonder, am I wrong? To my friends who ask me, I tell them that I see myself more as an independent professional. It’s true, I provide […]
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So is today a holiday or not?

So is today a holiday or not? Something really funny happened to me today. I found out yesterday that today might be a holiday. But I didn’t get any confirmation. So I get ready, and I get to my home office on time to start working. It’s only around noon that I get a message […]

It’s time to open new doors

When I started my #DailyNotes a few months ago, I wanted to share anything and everything. I think it’s time to open new doors. In the next few days, I will try to publish fictional stories, created from a single sentence. In fact, I’ve started to dramatize the first one. And it’s going to look […]